Who else may know your password?


- Between 35%-75% of client helpdesk incidents are credential related

- In 24% of helpdesk incidents, an agent resets a password without first verifying the user

- Shared and weak credentials are one of the simplest attack vectors into your business

- 63% of data breaches are caused by password compromises


In control of your Credentials?


The Challenge


The use of a credential (e.g. username, password or security token) to prove your identity and gain access to systems and services is commonplace in today’s IT environment. Even with the rise of new authentication methods, your company still requires a simple and secure process to manage credential lifecycle and exceptions – such as a user completely losing access to a password or token. Providing a solution to address these challenges while not compromising on security creates friction for users, frustration for service-desk managers and headaches for company security officers.


Lost User Productivity

Users have many credentials, just to do their daily work. Any time spent trying to recover a locked account or a lost credentials has a direct impact on productivity and user satisfaction.


Service Desk Call Volumes

According to the Service Desk Institute (SDI) and Gartner, credential management incidents typically makes up between 30% and 35% of all requests at the company service desk.


Compliance and Security Risk

A 2018 Service Desk Institute (SDI) survey of UK-based companies found that close to 20% of service desks do not even authenticate users when conducting a credential reset or re-enrolment.


The Solution


MyPass Credential Manager addresses the efficiency, security, and compliance of managing user credentials. MyPass offers management of password policy and account management across the entire IT landscape – from end-user devices and application to the company service desk performance levels, and even the company security governance scorecard.


What is MyPass / FastPass?


MyPass Credential Manager is a secure, end-user and service desk credential and account reset management solution that provides integration into almost all systems and applications within your company. The solution addresses user frustration and productivity challenges by providing rich self-service features. It empowers the company service desk with the tools they require to reduce call volumes. To top it all off, MyPass increases security and compliance by ensuring that one’s credential is only known to oneself, even if the service desk needs to help recover it.


Wide Accessibility

Access of MyPass self-service features can be gained from any internet connected device at any time of the day or night, whether in the office or while traveling.


User Self-Service

MyPass provides users with self-service credential recovery and account unlocks solutions to get them back to productive activities quicker.


Compliance and Security

Rest assured that security is baked into every aspect of MyPass in order to address compliance requirements such as POPI and GDRP.


Broad Integration

Extend the reach of self-service credential management to the entire IT landscape with out of the box integration into anything from AD to AS400 or SAP.


Service Management

The MyPass Service Desk Module empowers your service desk with standard tools and processes to better guide and serve your IT user community.


Your Eyes Only

MyPass ensures that user credentials and passwords are kept confidential even when the user requires interaction with the service desk.


Ready to supercharge your credential self-service

Take control by implementing user credential self-service and optimizing your service desk. Integrate MyPass Credential Manager into your existing password and credential management processes.