• Unlocking the

    Power of Identity





    Harness the power of identity and access

    management across all your services

    Solving compliance, security and operational efficiency challenges across the entire enterprise and cloud landscape

  • Governance Solutions


    From complying with GDPR, POPI or PCI DSS to securely

    governing role-based access.

    We guide our clients to implement and operate secure

    identity lifecycle governance, across complex IT

    landscapes that span from on-premise systems to the cloud.




    Today secure authentication includes passwords,

    tokens, PINs and biometrics. MyPass gives clients the tools

    they need to address services desk efficiency, user

    productivity, and compliance of password;

    all in one simple cloud solution

  • Managed Services

    With our infrastructure, cloud, and identity process support team we act on our belief that managing client services, applications, and infrastructure is about much more than keeping the lights flashing