Founded in 2008, Integralis IT Consultancy is a South African consulting and managed service provider with a niche focus in the realm of cloud enablement and identity, access and governance management. With a vast amount of experience and skills in the competency of Microsoft consulting and identity management, Integralis has built a portfolio of services and technology offerings to empower and secure business operations both on-premise and in the cloud.


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Identity Governance and Administration  (IGA) is foundational to any organisation’s IT security framework. IGA answers the fundamental question, WHO has access to WHAT resource, for HOW LONG, for what REASON, based on who’s APPROVAL?

The key to answering this question is to understand that Human Resources processes and procedures govern the identity of all users within an organisation. This principle of HR being the custodian of identity master data forms the cornerstone of any IGA practice. This defines in its most basic form, the Joiner, Mover, Leaver (JML) processes for each identity type (employee, contractor, seasonal worker, student, etc.). 

Having authoritative data available, a single source of data truth, allows organisations to secure and operate the digital estate in a manner consistent with the expectations of the business. 

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IGA ensures every integrated IT system account is accounted for and assigned to a relevant identity, eliminating all unnecessary charges. This also allows organisations to lock out any account should malicious behaviour be detected.

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Automated onboarding into multiple on-premise and cloud services, based on authoritative HR data, ensure users are productive quickly and gain access to the data and information they need. User termination is also automated and immediate.

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IT systems are aligned with corporate business policies, and access rights are verified, ensuring identity landscapes remain relevant. Fully audited self-service access backed by workflow approval processes is available as well as violation management processes.

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Common False Perceptions Around IGA

Modern IGA tools such as Omada Identity and Sailpoint Identity Platform provide accelerator programs that allow partners to deploy the platform and show real tangible value to the customer within 30 days. Structured frameworks for process implementation, project execution and operational management, make it real quick and easy for partners to take their customers on the IGA journey.

Have you calculated the company cost of information loss, identity theft or malicious hacks and ransomware attacks, and how these affect your companies’ bottom line? Modern IGA platforms these days offer dynamic and subscription based licensing options, thus, ensuring the customer will only ever pay for what is utilized.

Customers no longer have to perform complex up-front role and process designs before they can start their IGA project. Instead, easy to use AI driven role modelling tools and out-of-the-box best practice IGA business processes allows the customer the agility to get going quickly and easily.

Identity Governance & Compliance is needed in every business. In smaller companies, IGA processes might be executed manually with limited automation, whilst in larger organizations, automation and preventing human error is critical. Smaller companies might not require the full deployment of an IGA platform into their business, but the implementation of good IGA practice remains a critical component of maintaining a secure environment. Most modern IGA platforms provide scaled down capability licensing models which will allow companies of any size to take full advantage of what they need short and long term.

The implementation of a new IGA platform or service should not require new staff with new responsibilities and roles. Instead, your existing staff responsible for provisioning system access, completing annual access reviews and providing audit reporting will now have the right tools at their disposal to complete their responsibilities much quicker and more accurately.

Unfortunately, this has been the case in the past with quite a few vendors and partners. Fear not, we at Integralis IT Consultancy have built a complete IGA Compliance Management service. Our managed service will ensure compliance is maintained and enforced within each connected system and is measured against an agreed SLA per system. To find out more please contact us at Integralis IT Consultancy.

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