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Why IT Helpdesks Are Struggling And How To Solve It


In today’s digital age, passwords are our primary means of access to a wide range of online resources, including company networks and applications. However, managing passwords can be a significant challenge for IT helpdesks in large companies. In this article, we will explore the top five common challenges IT helpdesks are facing. From employees struggling to remember complex passwords to the rise of sophisticated hacking techniques, we will delve into the various factors that are making password management a major headache for IT professionals. Understanding these challenges, allows you to better understand some best practices that can your IT helpdesks effectively manage password-related issues and improve overall security through our own Integralis IT Consultancy solutions.

1. Lack Of Password Management Tools:

Some companies may not have the proper tools to help employees manage their passwords, which can lead to confusion and forgotten passwords.

A lack of password management tools can be a significant problem for companies. When employees are forced to remember a large number of complex passwords for various systems and applications, it can lead to confusion and forgotten passwords. This can result in lost productivity, as employees lose business time working with the helpdesk in resetting their passwords, or in security breaches, as employees may resort to using simple, easily guessed passwords.

As an example, one of our current clients, a top South African industrial manufacturing company, was facing increasing difficulties with slow user access, frequent password reset requests, and an overwhelmed and disjointed helpdesk, ultimately leading to anything between R150 – R337, per user, per password reset issue. For more information on how we mitigated these issues and drove down overall password-related helpdesk interactions, through the MyPass Cloud, read the full customer success story here.

Ultimately, the MyPass Cloud relieves helpdesk strain through the implementation of MyPass Password Manager and Password Synchronization to allow users to reset passwords at any time, from any device – all while synchronizing changes across all systems in the company.

2. Complex Password Policies:

Complex password policies are a common security measure implemented by organizations to protect against cyber threats, such as hacking and phishing. These policies may require passwords to have a certain number of characters, a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. They may also require passwords to be changed frequently, such as every 30 or 60 days.

While these policies might effectively increase the security of passwords, they can also lead to more challenges for employees. For instance, employees may find it difficult to remember complex passwords, especially if they have to change them frequently. This can lead to employees writing down their passwords or using easily guessable information, such as their birthdate or name, which negates the intended security benefits of the policy.

Another issue is that employees may end up using the same password across multiple accounts, which can increase the risk of a security breach if one of the accounts is compromised. Additionally, frequent password changes can also lead to employees reusing old passwords, which can be easily cracked by hackers.

MyPass Password Manager is an incredibly powerful solution that with its ease of use and flexible configuration, will undoubtedly add value to the user’s password reset experience. MyPass seeks to put together the perfect password policy for your company.

Overall, complex password policies are a critical security measure for organizations to implement. The enforcement of complex passwords needs to strike a fine balance between the user experience and the required security controls. For more on how we approach password policies, read the most recent blog MyPass blog here.

3. Ensuring The Identity Of User-requests:

IT helpdesks often face challenges in identifying the users making password-related requests, which can lead to security risks and increase the likelihood of identity theft. These challenges include:

  1. Poor identification methods: In many cases, users do not provide adequate identification, making it difficult for the IT service desk to verify their identity, leading to social engineering attacks such as Voice Phising (Vishing).
  2. Anonymity: With the increasing use of self-service portals and email, many password-related requests are made anonymously, making it difficult for the IT service desk to identify the user.
  3. Lack of centralized information: When user information is stored in disparate systems, it becomes difficult to match password-related requests with the appropriate user profile, leading to increased security risks.
  4. Password reuse: Some users reuse passwords across multiple accounts, making it difficult for the IT service desk to determine which account the password reset request is for.

To address these challenges, MyPass Identity Verification Manager stops social engineering attempts right in their tracks by controlling the entire verification process and instructing the helpdesk agent what questions and tests to ask your user based on their security profile.

MyPass IVM offers various features such as:

  1. A Manage-Approved Process: IVM can be configured to follow the organization’s security hierarchy or requirements
  2. Verification Options: Various tests are used to verify a user’s identity through personal, company and contextual & dynamic info
  3. Monitoring & Reporting: Every step of the verification process is logged and available for monitoring and reporting
  4. Delivered Passwords: In password reset scenarios, passwords can be delivered to the user via phone call, SMS, or email
  5. Integration to ITSM Tools: Integration to ITSM processes allows for simple operation and consolidation of reporting
  6. Bespoke Processes: IVM can provide an unlimited number of different processes that are linked to the specific department or scenario

For more about MyPass IVM, click here.

4. Remote Work:

With more employees working remotely, IT helpdesks may have a harder time resolving password issues as they may not have direct access to the employee’s computer or device.

As remote work has become more prevalent, IT helpdesks have had to adapt to new challenges. One of the most significant challenges is resolving password issues for employees who are working remotely. Without direct access to the employee’s computer or device, IT helpdesk technicians may have a harder time troubleshooting and resolving password problems, yet again, resulting in business time lost as mentioned earlier.

Our MyPass Windows Client offers a secure web session to the Self-Service portal directly from your computer’s lock screen, pre-Windows login. This allows you to reset your password, securely update your Windows local machine cache, and make other changes to your account, even if you’re not connected to your company’s network. This means you can make these changes from the comfort of your own home, without having to contact the IT department. The value of our solution is in ensuring that employee identity and authorization are properly verified, especially when employees are working remotely. Our IVM module replaces the need for face-to-face trust by verifying employee requests for assistance with passwords, access changes, and systems permissions.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, password management is a critical aspect of IT security in today’s digital age, but it comes with its own set of challenges. However, by understanding these challenges, organizations can adopt best practices to effectively manage password-related issues and improve their overall security. Through the utilization of Integralis IT Consultancy’s Enterprise Credential Management solution, powered by MyPass, companies can ensure their password security measures are up-to-date and effective in the face of ever-evolving threats.