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Cultivating Success On Udemy: 5 Choices That Transformed Our Learning & Development Approach


Following the release of the Udemy for Business case study into our implementation of the learning and development platform, we have received a few quests to clarify some of the areas of our approach. At Integralis, we believe that continuous learning and development are essential for the growth and success of our team members and our organization as a whole. Niche skills are not something that can always be found, but rather it needs to be created. Thus, by making deliberate choices in our learning and development program, we have achieved some really encouraging results and started the process of empowering our teams to thrive. In this article, we will delve into five specific choices that have transformed our approach to learning and development, making it inclusive, measurable, and collaborative.

1. Learning is for all levels of the business:

We recognized that learning should not be limited to specific job titles or roles. Instead, we embraced the idea that every team member, regardless of their position, can benefit from continuous growth and development. By providing learning opportunities for all levels of the organization, we foster a culture that values knowledge sharing, collaboration, and personal growth.

2. Learning is for permanent and temporary team members:

At Integralis, we choose to extend development beyond our permanent team members. We believe in supporting the growth and development of our contractors as well. By providing access to our learning and development resources, we ensure that all individuals working with us have the opportunity to enhance their skills and contribute to their professional advancement. This inclusive approach strengthens our entire organization.

3. Learning is measured in our quarterly commitment:

To ensure that learning remains a priority and is not overshadowed by daily responsibilities, we incorporated it into our quarterly commitments. By setting specific learning goals and dedicating time to skill enhancement, our teams are empowered to focus on their personal and professional development. This approach instills a sense of accountability and helps us track progress and celebrate achievements.

4. Learning is financially incentivized:

We understand the importance of motivation and recognition in driving learning engagement. That’s why we have implemented a financial incentive program to reward employees who actively participate in learning and development initiatives. By tying financial incentives to the pursuit of knowledge, we create a win-win situation where individuals are motivated to invest in their growth, and the organization benefits from a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

5. The individual co-owns the learning plan:

We firmly believe that learning should be a collaborative effort between the organization and the individual. Each employee plays an active role in co-creating their learning plan, aligning it with their career aspirations and development goals. By empowering individuals to take ownership of their learning journey, we aim to foster a sense of autonomy and personal investment in growth. This approach ensures that the learning experience is tailored to each individual’s needs and is aligned to the organizations goals.

The transformation of our learning and development program at Integralis has been driven by these five choices. By embracing the principles that learning is for all, measured in our commitments, extended to contractors, financially incentivized, and co-owned by individuals, we live out our culture of continuous growth and empower our employees to reach new heights of success.

Building a Culture of Continuous Learning

While we have achieved significant milestones in our learning and development journey, we understand that there is always room for improvement. To continue strengthening our program, we have identified several key areas to focus on:

Focusing on knowledge integration and testing:

Learning doesn’t end with acquiring new information; it extends to the practical application of knowledge. We will place a greater emphasis on integrating learning into our daily work and providing opportunities for employees to test and apply their newfound skills. By doing so, we ensure that learning translates into tangible results and contributes to the success of our projects and initiatives.

Bolstering our quarterly discussion process:

We recognize the value of regular feedback and reflection. Going forward, we will enhance our quarterly discussions to include dedicated time for employees to discuss their learning experiences, challenges, and achievements. These discussions will help us identify areas where additional support may be needed and allow us to align learning goals with individual and organizational objectives more effectively.

Introducing more frequent 1-1’s to track and guide team members:

We understand the importance of ongoing guidance and support in the learning journey. To facilitate this, we will introduce more frequent one-on-one sessions between leaders and team members. These meetings will provide a platform for personalized guidance, progress tracking, and addressing any concerns. By fostering open communication and providing individualized support, we can further empower our employees in their learning and development endeavours.

In conclusion

We thank each team member in Integralis/Zusani for their commitment to this ongoing process. As we celebrate our achievements, we invite you to reflect on your own learning journey. Consider how these principles can be applied within your organization or personal life, as we believe that a commitment to learning and development is a catalyst for growth and fulfillment. Together, let’s embrace the power of learning and empower ourselves and those around us to excel and thrive.